Easter Nails with TRIND!

I have not done a mani post in way too long! Well, I’m happy to bring back my mani posts with a company I have recently been introduced to. TRIND Nails is a Dutch company that makes not just nail polish, but lots of nail products meant to strengthen and nourish nails. I am fortunate that my nails are naturally pretty strong, but I’m always open to trying pretty nail colors!


Beauty and the Beach is their latest line of colors. It includes 4 pastels that are perfect for Easter and spring (what I’m reviewing today) and two vibrant colors that are perfect for the beach (I’ll be reviewing those soon).

The colors from left to right above are: Miss O’Hara, Surf’s Up, Mellow Yellow, Appletini and Mint Julep.

Now for nail swatches!

For Easter, I love mixing pastel colors. When I think of Easter, I think of colorful colored eggs – so why not recreate it with my nails?

On one hand I mixed Mint Julep and Burst My Bubble.


Mint Julep is is a soft, pastel blue. The picture above is in direct sunlight. Inside, it’s a bit darker but still light overall. It’s a slightly thinner formula but two coats makes the color totally opaque.


Burst My Bubble is a bubblegum pink. This is a great pink because it’s not too light (which can wash out my hands/nails) but isn’t too dark or too bright. It’s a fun pink that is great for spring, but could really be worn any time of year. It’s a thicker formula than Mint Julep, and sometimes feels a bit gloopy but it levels out really well for a smooth nail.

On my other hand, I used Mellow Yellow and Appletini.


Mellow Yellow is a super fun yellow. I never thought I would be a big fan of yellow nails but I love this color! It is relatively mellow for a yellow color, it’s not super bright (although any yellow is going to be a little bright by nature). Like Burst My Bubble, it goes on a little thick but is pretty good about smoothing itself out. Only one nail required three coats for full opaqueness.

Appletini is a softer green that is slightly more yellow-toned than in the bottle. It would be a great color for spring, summer or St. Patrick’s Day – it’s a great overall light green. The consistency is thinner, like Mint Julep. Also like Mint Julep, it only needed two coats to be opaque.

I have also worn Burst My Bubble and Mint Julep on their own and am totally impressed with the wear. I wore a base and top coat (I used Butter London for both), and these still lasted 5 days with no chips whatsoever, just some minor wear along the edges of my nails. I usually only get about 3 days until the chips start, so to make it 5 days is pretty awesome for me!


The ingredients are pretty standard for a nail polish. While they don’t market themselves as 3-Free, they are :o) The colors are free of Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde – yay!

Overall, I’m super impressed with TRIND Caring Colors. They have tons of pigment, the polish smooths itself out to an even finish, and best of all – they last for days with no chips!  I’m really looking forward to trying more of their colors. AND, I’ll be reviewing the other two colors soon! In the meantime, my nails are ready for Easter!

Disclosure: Samples were provided to me. Opinions and the choice to review are 100% my own! I’m not compensated for anything I write.

Glitz & Glam ~ Zoya Arabella Pixiedust

I haven’t done a nail polish review in quite some time! Don’t you worry – I have been painting my nails, but for whatever reason I just haven’t done a review. Well, I LOVE this polish, and I had to do a review.

The PixieDust collection is relatively new. It launched about a year ago. It’s a textured polish that is described as a matte yet sparkling, and that fits the description perfectly. You don’t wear a bottom or top coat, so it doesn’t have that shiny gloss to it. But the texture is SO sparkly. I can’t stop admiring my nails – which is why I had to write a review.

I received two colors for my birthday: Sunshine and Arabella. Sunshine is a beautiful blue (I’ll review that soon) and Arabella is described as a rich fuchsia pink in a matte, textured, sparkling finish. While in sunlight it is a fuschia or magenta, in lower lighting it is a medium purple. Here are two picture, one in sunlight and one in the shade so you can best see how the color varies.





These are both taken outside, and inside the color is even a bit darker. I really can’t get over how beautiful this color is.

It applied beautifully. It wasn’t too thin or too thick, so was very easy to apply and not make a mess. In fact, I didn’t have to clean up at all.

I used two coats, and that made it complete opaque. I probably could have gotten away with one but Zoya recommends you do thin coats, so I did two thin coats to be safe.

I was hoping it would have super strength and last weeks but it lasted about as long as a traditional nail polish. After two days I noticed some wear along the edges and by day four I had chips.

Removing it was actually easier than I thought it would be. It was about as easy as a glittery nail polish. So a little more effort than a cream polish, but not much (thankfully).

So while this is my first PixieDust nail polish review, I know it won’t be the last! The combined effect of being both matte and glittery is like having a nail full of glittery gems. I love it!

Easter Nails with Zoya!

Zoya Nails for Easter

I love spring! I love blooming flowers, I love the beautiful weather, and of course – I love spring colors! For Easter this year, I thought it would be fun to use what spring-y colors I have to make a vibrant array of color on my nails.

The colors I used (and their official color description):

Zoya Pippa: Ultra-bright, sunny and cheerful medium lemon yellow creme.

Zoya Emme: Light bubblegum pink with delicate white gold/champagne colored shimmer.

Zoya Kristen: Gull gray nail polish with a mild bluish hue.

Zoya Malia: Light, dusty cool toned violet-lilac creme.

Zoya Wednesday: Faded dirty medium turquoise with green undertone and an opaque cream finish.

Two spring-y colors I also have that I didn’t use include Zoya Arizona (bright orange) and Zoya Kara (pinky coral).

Overall, these applied well. I did get a few bubbles in Emme, which was a bummer. I also knicked Pippa so had to paint over it, so it looks a bit gloopy and ended up getting bubbles too.

Pippa took three coats to be fully opaque, but the other 4 colors were totally opaque with one or two coats.

I’m loving my spring-themed nails for Easter!


St. Patrick’s Day Nails with Zoya!

Zoya - Suvi Apple - St. Patricks Day

Kiss me – I’m Irish! Ok, maybe I’m not Irish. I’m Finnish-German-Native American-a bit more German-English….I think. Anyhoo, I can still have fun for St. Patrick’s Day! Jen and I made an awesome video for how to do an ombre nail with St. Patrick’s Day colors but unfortunately the video was out of focus :o( Of course I realized that AFTER the fact. But that’s ok! I still have a fun St. Patrick’s Day nail for you!

For this nail, you will need:

-Clear Coat Topcoat and Basecoat – I like Zoya’s Anchor and Armor
-Zoya Suvi
-Zoya Apple
-Gold Glitter (I bought mine from Michael’s)

Steps to achieve the fabulous St. Patrick’s Day nail:

1. Apply basecoat to all nails

2. Apply one coat of Zoya Suvi to all nails

3. Apply one coat of Zoya Apple to all nails [Read more...]

Well Beauty Blog’s 2012 Top Picks!


I’m so excited to have my first Well Beauty Blog’s Top Picks award! I have officially had the blog for over a year, with over 50 reviews this year. I can’t believe it. So anyhoooo, here are my top picks for 2012. There really isn’t any certain criteria for being a top pick, it is truly just my favorite products I’ve reviewed so far. These are products I find myself reaching for every day (or very often at least). These would make great gifts or stocking stuffers for the holidays, or even gifts for yourself ;o) And I even have a little badge of honor!

In no particular order…

Jane Iredale – PureLash Extender & Conditioner

This is one of those products I reach for every day. It can be worn under any mascara and makes my lashes look thick and helps mascara stay on longer – I love it!


Ilia Beauty – Tinted Lip Conditioners

Oh Ilia, of course you are on my top picks! I love everything I try from Ilia. All of the colors of the tinted lip conditioners are gorgeous and the the formula is really moisturizing. My favorite is Bang Bang, it’s the perfect soft red for any occasion.


Marie Natie – Lip Glosses

These lip glosses are the best! Super moisturizing, super glossy and great ingredients. I really love these.



Kure Bazaar – September

I have only tried two colors from Kure Bazaar, but I am hooked. September is such a pretty, bright jam color. I love the formula too, it spreads well and lasts long and is made from natural ingredients! This is my favorite nail polish, hands down.KureBazaar_September


Surface Hair Care – Trinity Protein Cream

This is another product I reach for every day. Whether I air dry it curly or straighten it, this helps my hair be moisturized, healthy and frizz-free.


Patyka – Precious Woods Body Oil

Patyka is another favorite that seems to do no wrong. This body oil is amazing. It’s moisturizing, smells great (they seriously need to make a perfume in this scent) and isn’t greasy.


Soapwalla – Deodorant

A deodorant on a top pick list? Heck yes! I have actually given this out as Christmas gifts, it’s that good. If you haven’t tried a natural deodorant that you like yet, check this out.


Alima – Eyeshadow

I love Alima. I think my favorite are the eye shadows (but I do love their blushes and foundations and most everything else), I can never have enough! The ingredients are so clean, the colors beautiful and they apply so well. I’m a big fan of their seasonal sets, and have quite a few individual eye shadows too (I swear I’ll get around to reviewing them one of these days).Alima_StormyWeather

Beautiful Nails for My Favorite Month ~ Kure Bazaar September


When I heard that Spirit Beauty Lounge was carrying a new polish, of course I had to try it. Kure Bazaar‘s formula is up to 85% of natural origin based on wood pulp, wheat, cotton, potatoes and corn – I’m impressed. It is free of: toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and synthetic camphor.

I’m also impressed with the color collection, I wanted to buy them all! But September and Hipster were the two that jumped out at me, and I’m reviewing September today. It’s my birthday month, so naturally is an awesome month.

September is described as: An Autumn berry jam.

Overall, that is pretty accurate. This color is interesting. Inside, it does look like a berry jam. It’s a purply magenta. Outside though, this color REALLY pops and becomes a bright fuscia. I have received quite a few compliments while wearing it! Everyone exclaims “what a beautiful color!” It’s true.

What has really impressed me though is the application. This applied amazingly well. It has a thicker formula but isn’t gloopy at all. Once on the nail, it evens itself out really well, so no streaking at all. It was completely opaque with one coat but applied two, to help prolong wear. It was also very glossy, even without a topcoat. I applied one though just to help preserve the color.

So not only does it apply well, and have a beautiful color – it wears great! I applied two days ago and in the meantime I have: taken two showers, washed my two pugs, cleaned the house (including who knows how many dishes), and did a bunch of yard work. Needless to say, I’ve really punished my nails. Guess what? No chips!  I do have some wear at the ends, which – given all the stuff I’ve done with my hands this weekend – is acceptable to me.

Now, for pictures!

Here is a picture inside, the day I painted my nails:


And outside, two days later:


You can see the little bit of wear at the end of the nails on the outside pictures. But it’s barely noticeable – and no chips!

So looking at these two pictures, they really do look like two different polishes – but I swear it’s the same. This color just pops when the sun hits it, but is a beautiful purple inside.

Overall, I’m in love…..with a nail polish. I can’t wait to try Hipster – will be sure to post a review when I do! This is a great color with a great formula. Can’t ask for more! And I kinda want to buy every other color in the collection…

Ingredients: butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, nitrocellulose, isosorbide dicaprylate, adipic acid/neopentyl glycol/trimellitic anhydride copolymer, alcohol, stearalkonium bentonite, styrene /acrylates copolymer, silica, diacetone alcohol, benzophenone-1, trimethylpentanediyl dibenzoate, phosphoric acid, alumina.

Battle of the Red Nail Polishes

I may have mentioned this before once or twice, but I’m a sucker for red nail polishes (and red lipsticks). I was in the mood for red nails, and as I dug through my nail polish stash (far larger than it probably should be!) I was surprised I only had 3 red cream-finish nail polishes.

I couldn’t make up my mind so decided to do a color test! My three cream red nail polishes (and their official descriptions):

  • Zoya Dakota: Deep, dramatic saturated blood red creme with a very subtle hint of brown.
  • Zoya Asia: A bold and crisp medium lacquer-red shade in a glossy creme finish. A classic true red polish.
  • Butter London Saucy Jack: A dark, blood red lacquer.

I agree completely with the two Zoya descriptions. I wouldn’t call Saucy Jack a dark blood red though, it is almost identical to Asia and is really a true bright red. Let’s look at the picture!


The above picture is outside in full sunlight and below is inside, with two coats of nail polish. I think the below picture is a little more accurate for Zoya Dakota and above picture is more accurate for Zoya Asia and Saucy Jack.

Dakota is a dark red, very much like real blood. The description says a hint of brown but I see a hint of dark purple in person, although it does seem to show a little brown in pictures. Let’s say hint of brownish-purple to call it even :o)

Asia and Saucy Jack are both bright reds and from arm’s length they look identical. Up close though you can see that Asia is a little more of a warm tomato red while Saucy Jack is more of a cool apple red. It really is splitting hairs though.

Saucy Jack and Dakota apply a little sheer. The first coat of each looked a little streaky, but a second coat fixed it for the most part. They could probably even take a third coat to make a truly consistently red without variations in color. I found Asia to not have this issue though. It was pretty opaque with the first coat and a second coat made it perfect.

Outside, you can see that Saucy Jack is a little more sheer than Asia, you can see through the whites of the nail. I found that only happened outside in the sunlight though. Inside it looks completely opaque.

The application of these are all great. I’m huge fans of both brands. They apply well, have great brushes and dry fast!

Taking them off though was a pain for all three. They all kind of stained my fingers/cuticles red. Nothing some extra swipes of nail polish remover and some water soaking couldn’t take care of – but I did want to mention it.

Like the Zoya colors? Click for Asia or Dakota and get a nail polish FREE with any order when you create a new account on Zoya!*

Overall – all three colors are gorgeous. It’s hard to go wrong with red nail polish!

*Disclosure: this is part of their Share the Love program, I will get points if you make a purchase. But hey – you get a free nail polish too! It’s for new accounts only.

Acquatic Nails with Zoya Wednesday and Kotori

The past couple of weeks I’ve taken a break from painting my nails. Mostly because I’ve been in pain from my tooth and so pretty much useless. However, I had a bridal shower to go to and I’ll be damned if I go to a bridal shower with naked nails!

I had gone on a little Zoya spending spree with the Earth Day swap and then Ulta had to go and have a buy 2, get 1 free sale…..so I had quite a few colors to choose from. A friend and I had been joking about being “aquatic” and going sailing (ya, like there is sailing in Phoenix, Arizona), and it made me in a watery mood. So I choose Wednesday for my nails and Kotori for my toes. I ended up wearing a blue dress, so they matched perfectly! It was meant to be.

Official descriptions for both:

Wednesday: Faded dirty medium turquoise with green undertone and an opaque cream finish.

Kotori: A dense bright blue shimmer superimposed over a sheer black base.

First – Wednesday!


The color in the picture is pretty accurate, but I would say it’s a bit more green than what the picture shows. I’m not sure why my camera keeps leaving out green tones!

While I think the Zoya description is accurate, I would personally describe it as a soft greenish blue, more green than blue. It’s not really pastel, as that reminds me of babies and easter. I guess the “faded dirty” makes sense. It has a neutral-ish type quality to the color. At work, I’ve received quite a few compliments on it from multiple people! It’s a pretty color.

The color is pretty opaque. One coat had some streaks where I could see through to the nail, and a second coat provided 100% color. The above swatch is two coats.

The texture was pretty normal for an opaque nail polish, thicker but not super thick. This wasn’t gloopy at all, it was very easy to paint with.

As always with Zoya, I’m impressed with the formula. The following day after the mani I did quite a bit of cleaning and some serious scrubbing of pans and not a chip! I’m now at 5 days post mani and I have some slight wear on the end of a few fingers and one small chip on the end of my thumb. After 5 days – that’s pretty darn good in my book!

Now for Kotori!


Kotori was a lot more sheer than I thought it would be. It reminds me a lot of Zoya Suvi, where it a smokey base, but as you layer more and more, the color of the sparkle becomes more dense. As for Suvi, it was green, Kotori is dark blue (as you can see above…duh).

I did three coats above, and I think I could have even used another coat , or two, to be fully opaque. The texture is very thin, thinner than I’m used to working with. I ended up making a mess on my toes, nothing that some nail polish remover pens can’t fix though ;o)

The Zoya description says “bright blue”, I’m not sure I would say “bright.” It certainly is blue, but I think the black base gives it kind of a smokey finish so I wouldn’t call it bright. It really depends on the lighting I find, how bright it is. It is a very pretty blue though that makes me think of the ocean and sailing and all that is aquatic.

I can’t comment too much on the formula/longevity, as nail polish on my toes always lasts forever. It only comes off when it either grows out, or I take it off with remover.

Overall – two beautiful colors! :o)

If you like these colors, click for Wednesday or Kotori and you get a nail polish free when you create a new account on Zoya! If you add two more polishes to your order, you get free shipping too!

Ingredients for both of these: Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, Acetyl Tributyl Citrate, Isopropryl Alcohol, Sterikonium Hectorite, Acrylates Copolymer, Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer.

Disclosure: the free nail polish is part of Zoya’s Share the Love program, I will get points if you make a purchase. But hey – you get a free nail polish and free shipping too! Win-win! :o)

Happy, Vibrant Nails with Butter London Slapper

And I’m back! This past week and a half has been tough. Not sure what’s worse, the pain of a tooth infection or the side effects of the antibiotics and pain killers. Oh well, I’m on the mend and have dental surgery tomorrow (wish me luck!).

But back to why you’re here! When I saw Butter London’s Slapper in Ulta, it looked so happy and vibrant – I had to get it. I have never owned a teal nail polish before, but it is such a fun color I couldn’t resist!

Butter London describes Slapper as: a truly teal lacquer, bold and very bright.

Well, bright it is! While it certainly is a bold color, being behind the glass of the jar makes it a little more subdued. Once it’s on your fingernails though, you realize just how bright it is.

I had a hard time trying to get the real color in a picture. It kept coming up WAY more blue than in real life. But I will go ahead and post anyway.

 Butter London - Slapper Swatch Outside

Outside in full sunlight

Butter London Slapper Swatch InsideInside

So as you can see, the pictures make this look outright blue. Outside, it even looks turquoise! It’s not. I messed with every option on my camera to try and figure out why the pictures were coming up blue, with no avail. I then searched for other swatches on the internet, and sure enough – they are blue too! So there must be something with the color that cameras just pick up weird.

In person, this nail polish is a lot more green. In certain lighting, it even looks like a kelly green instead of a greenish blue teal. Outside, the blue of the teal shines out more. Overall, I would call it a (bold, bright) teal with slightly more green than blue. My camera does not see it the same way though apparently!

This nail polish is thicker than some of the other Butter London’s I have. Applying it was easy, but I think it took a bit longer to dry than some others. I’ve been so spoiled by some of their nail polishes that dry in no time, I didn’t wait long enough after I finished painted and dented two nails :o( I was very sad about this, but it’s my own fault for not being patient! So, with this, give yourself a little more time to fully dry before going about your normal activities.

This lasted about average for nail polishes, I had it on for 5 days. By the 5th day I had some chips on my thumbs and forefinger, which is the norm for me.

Overall, a pretty teal (that defies cameras!) that is great for the summer!

Ingredients (from bottom of bottle, pardon typos!): Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, Adipic Acid/Neopentyl Glycol/ Trimellitic, Anhydride Copolymer, Isopropyl Alcohol, Propyl Acetate, Trimethyl Pentanyl Diisobutyrate, Triphenyl Phosphate, Butyl Alcohol, Stearalkonium Hectorite, Stearalkonium Bentonite, Benzophenone-1, Citric Acid, Dimethicone, Acrylates Copolymer (and) Dimethiconol (and) Mercaptopropionic Acid, Tocopherol Acetate, Retinyl Palmitate, Calcium Panthothenate, Ascorbic Acid.

Earth Day Zoya Color Swap Challenge

When Zoya announced their Earth Day exchange program, I got VERY excited. I may have bought more than I should… but one can never have enough nail polishes!

I had a few nail polishes that either the wear wasn’t all that great or I didn’t like the formula/ingredients. I took the exchange program as a great opportunity to find a Zoya color match for these polishes (plus I bought some colors that are generally just fun, I’ll post swatches of those sooner or later). Here are the three I bought to color match:

  • Zoya Malia for Julep Charlotte
  • Zoya Kalista for Shesawi Badass
  • Zoya Suvi for Ulta Envy

My previous review of Julep Charlotte can be found on this blog post. Once I found out it contained PET-1 though, I was really sad and not too thrilled to use it anymore. So I did some research and Zoya Malia appeared to be a very similar color. Official descriptions:

Julep Charlotte: Demure lavender.

Zoya Malia: Light, dusty cool toned violet-lilac creme.

Zoya Malia vs. Julep Charlotte

In the bottle you can see Charlotte is a bit more of a warm purple while Malia is a little more bluish/cool. Now, on the fingers!

Swatch Zoya Malia vs. Julep Charlotte

Outside, I didn’t catch the warmness or coolness variation of the colors, it just looked like Charlotte was a darker version of Malia. Just 1/2 shade darker, really not a lot. Overall – good color swap!

Next on the list is Sheswai Badass. This is a BEAUTIFUL color. I saw it on Spirit Beauty Lounge and instantly fell in love. Unfortunately, I could not get this to stay on my fingernails. It bubbled when I applied it then chipped within a day. I thought it was a fluke and tried two more times! But alas, same thing happened. Very sad too because it truly is beautiful, and I LOVE the bottle. Official descriptions:

Sheswai Badass: This rich metallic espresso chocolate has flecks of bronze.

Zoya Kalista: Dark espresso brown with plum-purple undertones and strong golden shimmer.

Zoya Kalista vs. Sheswai Badass

In the bottle, you can see that Badass is a dark brown with a gold shimmer while Kalista is slightly more reddish purple with a goldish red tinge. Now, for the fingers!

Zoya Kalista vs. Sheswai Badass Swatch

Pardon the messy fingers, I tried to fix but the colors are so dark it just wouldn’t budge! The reason I fell in love with Badass was because while it looks brown at times, when the light hits it right, it turns this beautiful dark red. I’m happy to say Kalista is the same!

On the fingers, these look VERY similar, mainly because they are so dark. I tried to capture the light to show the difference, but it just wasn’t working with me. Kalista overall is a little more red with a more golden red shimmer vs. Badass’s brownish red base with gold shimmer. Even with these differences though, from an arm’s length you can’t tell the difference. Great color swap!

Lastly is Ulta Envy. I got this color when Ulta gave out their “reward” for my spending a bajillion dollars there. All I can say is I have been spoiled by Sephora’s awesome rewards because Ulta just doesn’t stand up. I spend who knows what, you give me a coupon for a $3 product? Not even as a coupon, just as a voucher for a few rando products (I couldn’t even get the nicer “professional” nail polishes, it had to be the “salon” formula). Well, Envy was my choice. It was free though, so I really shouldn’t complain. In fact, it is a really beautiful green. But the formula once again just wouldn’t last on me. Official descriptions:

Ulta Envy: Ulta actually doesn’t list one. But it’s a dark green shimmer with cool tones.

Zoya Suvi: A dense emerald green shimmer set in a sheer smoky base.

Zoya Suvi vs. Ulta Envy

In the bottle, they look really similar. I think Zoya had a slightly lighter shimmer and might have been a bit more yellow green than Envy, but just barely. Now, for the fingers!

Swatch - Zoya Suvi vs. Ulta Envy

On the fingers, you can see a bit more difference. I found I was better able to see the colors inside than outside in the sun. Zoya Suvi is more smokey olive green compared to Ulta Envy being a little more cool holly green. I wouldn’t call Suvi smokey olive green in general, just in comparison to Envy.

Suvi is a LOT more sheer though, it took three coats and it still looked a little sheer while Envy was practically opaque with one coat. The first coat looked VERY smokey, but it became more green with each coat. I think a 4th coat would make it look even more like Envy. Even with three, it’s hard to see a difference. Overall, another good color swap!

All in all, I’m happy with my color swaps. I really love Zoya too. Their color collection is AMAZING and I’m always impressed with their wear and formula. Now it’s time to pack up my old nail polishes and send to Zoya for recycling! (this is part of their Earth Day exchange, I don’t think they’d appreciate me just sending my old stuff to them any ol’ time I wanted!)

Like these colors? Click for Suvi, Kalista or Malia and get a nail polish FREE with any order when you create a new account on Zoya!*

*Disclosure: this is part of their Share the Love program, I will get points if you make a purchase. But hey – you get a free nail polish too! It’s for new accounts only.