3 Products to Shimmer and Glow, with Jane Iredale

Nothing says summer beauty like shimmering like a goddess by the pool. Or for those of you lucky enough to live near the ocean – shimmering on the beach! Since I live in Arizona, and last time I checked, Arizona has no ocean – I’ll have to settle for being beautiful by the pool ;o)

Here are 3 products I’ve been reaching for any time I want to be shimmery perfection (and you can see them in action in a video at the end!):

1. Golden Shimmer

Jane Iredale’s newly-released Golden Shimmer is a gorgeous face and body shimmer lotion.


It has a beautiful peachy-golden color that blends really well, even on my fair skin.


It leaves a subtle shimmer that you can’t really see until the light hits it right, like shown in my swatch above.  I like a more subtle shimmer, I don’t want to look like a Twilight vampire as I lay by the pool!

It has a drier feel, so while it does have lotion in the title, I wouldn’t consider this a traditional moisturizing lotion. If your skin is dry, you will want to mix it in with lotion or put this on top of already moisturized skin. Of course, laying by the pool, you’ll want to put this over SUNSCREEN :o)

This also works really well as a highlight on my face. In the video below, you can see how Jen and I wear it as a highlighter/illuminator – it’s so pretty! My other highlighters are white/silver, so it’s really nice to have a peachy-toned one.

2. Eye Gloss

Jane Iredale’s Eye Glosses have been around for quite some time, but I’ve just recently tried them. I am SO glad I did because they are awesome!

The two colors I have are Brown Silk and Peach Silk:


Each color has two swatches, the one on the left is more thick and the right is rubbed in.

Brown Silk is a bronzey brown that has an impressive amount of pigment. It doesn’t have a lot of sparkle, but has a lot of shimmer and sheen as the light hits it.

Peach Silk is actually a light pink color. It’s not as pigmented as Brown Silk, so you may have to do a few layers if you are wanting something totally opaque. I really like to use it for a highlight in the inner corners of my eyes, or all over for a nice pop of color to brighten my eyes. Similar to Brown Silk, it doesn’t really have sparkle, just a nice shimmer to it.

The trick to applying these is to do it in thin layers. I add a few dots to my eyelids with the included brush then blend with my fingers. Once applied, it dries really fast. If you apply it thick, it does take a little bit to dry and may crease before drying. So keep it thin, and then add layers as needed.

What I’m really impressed with though is that once dry, these do not smear or budge or crease – even when getting wet! Of course, if you rub and scrub, these will come off. But getting splashed or rinsed, they stay right where they are. Perfect for by the pool!

3. PureGloss

And of course – no gorgeous look would be complete without lip glosses! I have two new PureGlosses to share: Nectar and Sangria.


Nectar’s official description is “shimmery honey rose.” I would describe it as a sheer neutral, peachy color with pink sparkle. Since it is sheer, it goes really well on its own for a natural look or over lipsticks to add a gloss to any color.

Sangria is officially described as “shimmering wood rose.” It is a dark peachy-brownish color, with a slight purple tint and golden sparkle. While it looks a little brown in the tube and on my arm, it doesn’t look brown on my lips. It has more pigment than Nectar, but I would still consider this sheer.

Both of these have the same thick, moisturizing feel to it as the other PureGlosses I’ve tried.

But of course, the best way to see all of these is in action! Here is a tutorial Jen and I put together that shows you how to get a beautiful, shimmery look for by the pool and then how to take the daytime look to nighttime!

Have you tried any of these products? What do you wear to shimmer and glow?

Disclosure: Samples were provided to me to try. Opinions and the choice to review are 100% my own! I’m not compensated for anything I write.

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  1. I use eye highlighting pencil by Jane Iredale, it is so nice for eyes, but for the face as well.
    If i want little more bronze on my face, Bronze concentrate by Dr. Hauschka is lovely even for fair complexions like mine :)

  2. Ooooh those eye glosses! *swoon* I love shimmer & glow in summer.

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