Stormy Eyes with Alima Pure Stormy Weather

I love storms. Since I live in Arizona, we don’t get many – so we enjoy them. So an eye shadow set named after a storm? Exciting! Yet intriguing…

I’m a huge fan of Alima. I have a bunch of their stuff, and most I haven’t gotten around to reviewing yet – just believe me when I say their stuff is great. Their eye shadows are no exception.


The Stormy Weather set includes:

  • Mist: a gold-tinged white shimmer
  • Drizzle: a light sterling silver shimmer, with a subtle hint of gold
  • Deluge: a deep grey shimmer with silver sparkle and hints of blue and purple
  • Thunder: a deep, matte purple that can line or contour

Overall, I would say these are very accurate. The only exception is Drizzle, I don’t really see a subtle hint of gold – but I’ll show you pictures and you can see for yourself!


So the eye shadows are swatched dry on the top, and then applied wet on the bottom – you can really see how they pop when applied wet. While the swatches dry seem to look very sheer (except for Thunder), they actually apply a lot more opaque when you have a primer. I didn’t put primer on my arm, but when I applied them to my eye (below) you can see they are actually much more opaque.

Mist is a beautiful white that will show some gold when the light hits it. I couldn’t capture it with my camera in the swatches above but you can see it in how I did my makeup below.

Drizzle and Deluge are interesting in that they are very similar, but do have some slight differences. Drizzle is more of a true silver while Deluge is more of a blue/purple silver, and bit darker. When I apply them wet they look almost identical, and in the picture above it almost looks like Drizzle is darker than Deluge, but it’s really not. I think I may have just applied it a bit heavier. They are both beautiful colors.

I’ll be honest in that the first time I swatched Thunder I was bummed it was matte. Here are these three beautiful, shimmery colors and then….purple. But you know what, this applies SO well as an eyeliner – wet or dry. I love that it is dark, but not black. It has been my new favorite eyeliner! On my fair skin, black can be very harsh. So I usually wear a brown or gray, but I’m really loving Thunder.

I had fun messing around with different looks with these colors. I like it because they make a great smokey eye, and then I was doing a more dramatic eye for a night look. Since this IS Stormy Weather after all, thought I’d show you my stormy night look eye ;o)


I used Mist along the bottom and in the corner, and you can see how it looks a little gold in the corner. It’s not a different color – it’s Mist! I used Drizzle on the left/inner part of my eye and then blended it do Deluge on the outer/right of my eye. I applied Thunder wet for my eyeliner above and below.

Overall, this is a great set. There are so many ways of using these colors, and the way I did it above it just one. I am going to experiment more with the smokey eye and applying the silvers wet for a really fun, bold eye!

Ingredients, as always, are very pure: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides. Can’t go wrong!

Stormy Weather goes on sale on starting August 21st!

Disclosure: Samples were provided to me by Alima Pure to try. Opinions and the choice to review are 100% my own! I’m not compensated for anything I write.

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  1. love it! I’ve gotten this set as well x

  2. my gosh love this look!! :) how long do these eyeshadows stay for you?

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