My Summer Savior ~ Soapwalla Deodorant


Sweet Jesus how have I not reviewed this already? This is one of my favorite products! I think I’m on my third or fourth tub of Soapwalla Deodorant. It’s really awesome and has been my savior during the summer (well, all year long really).

I’ve mentioned it here and there, but if you haven’t read – I live in Arizona. And not in the cool, breezy Flagstaff, Arizona or someplace nice and in the mountains. I’m talking Phoenix-metropolitan, 115-degree summer day Arizona. The kind of Arizona that keeps people away for 3 months (or more) out of the year. That’s where I live. It’s hot. Really hot. And it doesn’t seem to matter WHAT deodorant you wear, you sweat and you smell. And don’t you dare tell me ‘oh Cori, but it’s a DRY heat’ because I will punch you in the face because 115 degrees is REALLY hot. The entire U.S. seems to be in a heat wave right now and the news talks about these crazy hot days in other states and all I can think is ‘welcome to what Arizona deals with every year.’ But anyhoo, I’ll stop whining.

So back to Soapwalla. Soapwalla Deodorant is awesome. It’s a tub of a solid cream, but once you warm it in your fingers it melts to a liquid. I love the smell too. It’s like a blend of tea tree oil and lavender with some other goodness in there. Very refreshing and gender-neutral.

The trick to this stuff is how you apply – gently. Applying gently is especially important for women, our underarm area is sensitive and we abuse it by shaving it all the time. So if you vigorously rub this stuff on, it could irritate an already irritable area. What I do is rub a dollop (about the size of two large peas, maybe a bit more) between two fingers from each hand and then gently press it into my underarm area. I then may rub it in, but only in upward strokes and very gently. When I first started using this product, I did experience some irritation but once I switched up how I apply, no irritation whatsoever.

So you know how I mentioned before that no matter what you wear here, you smell? Well, I lied. That used to be true, before I started wearing Soapwalla. This stuff keeps me from smelling – for realzies. I have put this on in the morning, walked around outside during the day (for short periods of time of course because I would burn otherwise), worked out after work and I *still* didn’t smell. No deodorant has ever worked that well for me, natural or not.

Now there is one thing this deodorant won’t do, and that’s stop you from sweating. This is not an antiperspirant and no natural deodorant will be. Only aluminum-based antiperspirants will stop you from sweating, and this is not one of those (and no truly natural deodorant will be). For more information on aluminum, read my Beauty Ingredients to Avoid page.

I try to be very scientific in this blog, and back everything up with research etc. I will step away from that for a minute and share a personal theory (that is in no way backed by any research). When I first started using natural deodorants, I sweated a LOT. I was freaking out because I seemed to sweat through everything. So I went back to normal, chemical-ridden antiperspirants. Well then I got the courage to try it again, but this time in the winter. I did sweat a lot, but I was wearing sweaters and it seemed to cover it up. Then my sweating got better. I now don’t really sweat any more than I used to back on antiperspirants, and it’s crazy hot outside. So research shows that antiperspirants plug up the sweat ducts by forcing water in, causing the ducts to swell shut so sweat can’t get out. Well, my personal theory is when you stop using antiperspirants the ducts go full force, almost like a compensatory sweating because they’ve been plugged up for however long. So when you stop using antiperspirants for awhile, your sweat ducts realize that they are no longer plugged up, will acclimate and balance themselves out, so you don’t sweat so much. That is what happened to me, and that’s my theory as to why. I have heard from other people that they too began to sweat less over time – so whether my theory as to why is true, the end result is the same. So if you are currently using antiperspirants and want to make the switch to natural deodorant, for one – yay! But two, realize that if you sweat a bunch at first, give it time and it will get better! And three, use Soapwalla, it’s the best one I’ve found (and I’ve tried a LOT!).

Ok, back to Soapwalla! (Poor Soapwalla, I keep going off topic) Now for the ingredients!

Organic simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil*, organic helianthus annuus (sunflower) oil, organic rosehip seed oil*, butyrospermun parkii (shea) butter, organic corn starch*, sodium bicarbonate*, kaolin clay, organic vegan kosher glycerin*, essential oils (organic lavandula angustifolia (lavender)*, organic melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree)*, organic citrus sinensis (sweet orange)*,  organic mentha piperita (peppermint)*, citrus aurantium bergamia (bergamot)). *Certified organic

So lots of organic ingredients – something I love! And there are lots of essential oils, but like I said before – I stopped experiencing irritation once I started to gently pat it in and not rub.

Since this is an oil-based product, this doesn’t have water and doesn’t really need any preservative system. Oils can go rancid, but one tub lasts about 5 months or so for me (give or take a few weeks), so the oils won’t even go rancid before you’ve used the tub. Plus, all of those essential oils help ward off any microbials, especially the tea tree oil.

I think my favorite part about the Soapwalla Deodorant though is the price! I normally don’t talk about price because I feel price can sometimes vary depending on who sells it, especially with sales etc. But I have to bring it up because this is only $12. Now, you might be thinking – “uhhhh, I only spend $4 currently on my chemical-ridden deodorant.” But let me tell you, I have tried some all-natural deodorants that cost WAY more that SUCKED. And, this contains tons of organic ingredients, and best of all – it works! Since it lasts for so long, $12 is a steal to me.

So if you haven’t tried Soapwalla already, try it now – it’s one of my most favorite natural products and part of my daily routine!


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  1. This product sounds awesome, will have to check this out :)

  2. Ordered some yesterday! This would be such a great alternative to what I currently use, which is a little too expensive, and I feel it’s not working as well anymore. (If that’s possible?) And I can see Spirit Beauty lounge getting a lot of my money in the future…

  3. The same thing happened to me. When I made the switch to “clean” deos I was losing my mind with how much I was sweating. That’s subsided now, but I will wait for this summer in AZ (we must be crazy!!). I also gave up on Soapwalla after a few weeks as I thought it stopped working, but I just being heavy handed. I find spraying a little rose water (or any astringent like witch hazel etc) waiting for it to dry and then thinly applying Soapwalla and lightly rubbing in works great for me.

    • That’s a good idea about the rose water or witch hazel, I’ll have to try it! And yes, any of us who choose to live in Arizona during the summer are most definitely crazy! haha

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