Battle of the Red Nail Polishes

I may have mentioned this before once or twice, but I’m a sucker for red nail polishes (and red lipsticks). I was in the mood for red nails, and as I dug through my nail polish stash (far larger than it probably should be!) I was surprised I only had 3 red cream-finish nail polishes.

I couldn’t make up my mind so decided to do a color test! My three cream red nail polishes (and their official descriptions):

  • Zoya Dakota: Deep, dramatic saturated blood red creme with a very subtle hint of brown.
  • Zoya Asia: A bold and crisp medium lacquer-red shade in a glossy creme finish. A classic true red polish.
  • Butter London Saucy Jack: A dark, blood red lacquer.

I agree completely with the two Zoya descriptions. I wouldn’t call Saucy Jack a dark blood red though, it is almost identical to Asia and is really a true bright red. Let’s look at the picture!


The above picture is outside in full sunlight and below is inside, with two coats of nail polish. I think the below picture is a little more accurate for Zoya Dakota and above picture is more accurate for Zoya Asia and Saucy Jack.

Dakota is a dark red, very much like real blood. The description says a hint of brown but I see a hint of dark purple in person, although it does seem to show a little brown in pictures. Let’s say hint of brownish-purple to call it even :o)

Asia and Saucy Jack are both bright reds and from arm’s length they look identical. Up close though you can see that Asia is a little more of a warm tomato red while Saucy Jack is more of a cool apple red. It really is splitting hairs though.

Saucy Jack and Dakota apply a little sheer. The first coat of each looked a little streaky, but a second coat fixed it for the most part. They could probably even take a third coat to make a truly consistently red without variations in color. I found Asia to not have this issue though. It was pretty opaque with the first coat and a second coat made it perfect.

Outside, you can see that Saucy Jack is a little more sheer than Asia, you can see through the whites of the nail. I found that only happened outside in the sunlight though. Inside it looks completely opaque.

The application of these are all great. I’m huge fans of both brands. They apply well, have great brushes and dry fast!

Taking them off though was a pain for all three. They all kind of stained my fingers/cuticles red. Nothing some extra swipes of nail polish remover and some water soaking couldn’t take care of – but I did want to mention it.

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Overall – all three colors are gorgeous. It’s hard to go wrong with red nail polish!

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  1. really pretty red polishes! You did an amazing job lol. I suck at doing nails. x

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