Lashes that Last with Jane Iredale PureLash Conditioner


For the most part, going “green” isn’t too hard. There are a few items though that can be tough to find a good replacement. Mascara is one of them. It’s one of the most common question I’m asked. People want to know – what is a good natural mascara? Well, I will tell you! This next week will be devoted entirely to my favorite mascaras. First, is the Jane Iredale PureLash Extender and Conditioner. I hear you, ‘this really isn’t a mascara Cori.’ Ok, I know. But the truth is, this is the best thing I’ve found for my lashes and mascara! That’s a big statement, and it’s true.

I’ve tried lash primers in the past, I didn’t like any of them. They usually made my lashes too thick and gloopy so I got spider-leg lashes (my phrase for when my lashes are freakishly thick and long in a scary way). I don’t want spider leg lashes. So I kind of gave up on lash primers. Then I tried this one and it has been GREAT.

The PureLash Conditioner looks like a mascara, but it’s white. The bristles are farther apart, and they coat my eyelashes pretty evenly. Sometimes I will see little white clumps, but when I apply mascara there are no clumps so it could just be the formula sticking to my eyelashes oddly. If I apply this heavily, I will see white on my lashes, but it’s mostly clear.


The picture above is a close up of the brush. I increased the contrast so you can see the bristles well, but it did make the photo a bit yellow. Don’t worry, it’s not yellow in real life. Totally white.

So after applying a coat of this, I will do my brows and then apply mascara. It’s not supposed to be totally dry before applying mascara, but I don’t like to apply mascara right after. I find it works best with a minute or two wait time.

The first thing I noticed when using this under my normal mascara is that it makes my mascara appear darker. My lashes look blacker and thicker. Natural mascaras sometimes aren’t quite as black as the chemically ones, so I was very pleased to see that just one coat of this and one coat of mascara gave me really nice, dark lashes.

This also provided some thickness to my lashes, more so than mascara alone. I find when I use this, I really only need to apply one coat of mascara to get the look of 2-3 coats. Theoretically, I guess my lashes already have a coat on them, so the mascara would be the second, but it’s nice to use less mascara. And it really does make them look thicker, without being clumpy. I have been using this for weeks and have not experienced any clumpiness at ALL.

Now, for my favorite reason why I love this lash primer. It helps mascara from wearing below my eyes/lower lashes. I have smaller eyes so like to wear mascara on my lower lashes to help open them up a bit. Since I have blond lashes, if I don’t wear mascara – you don’t see them. The problem with long lashes though is that they can rub up against my skin, so certain formulas will rub off. Thankfully, the natural mascaras I use (which I will be reviewing over the next week) don’t wear away too much, but they do a little. This primer has helped a lot. I won’t say 100%, but definitely a lot. And I have proof! One day I wore mascara alone on one side with primer underneath the mascara on the other and took a picture at the end of the day (about 12 hours from when I first applied). You can see the difference!


As you can see from my highly technological picture (I drew that arrow myself), at the end of the day I had more mascara under the right eye than on the left. I’m thinking you’ve guessed by now that it’s mascara only on the right and with PureLash on the left. If you did, you would be correct.

Because of this, I now wear PureLash every day. Well, every time I wear mascara (I do get lazy on weekends sometimes and wear no makeup, but don’t tell anyone). And I don’t mind wearing it all of the time because when you look at the ingredients, you see only good-for-you stuff!

Ingredients: Water, Algae Extract, Beeswax, Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Carnauba Wax, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Panthenol, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Oleic Acid, Vanilla Tahitensis Fruit Extract, Sweet Almond Seed Extract.

Algae extract,  glycerin and hydrolyzed wheat protein are conditioning. Panthenol is known for strengthening hair by bringing moisture to the cortex, so hair is more pliable and less likely to break. The Hydroxyethylcellulose sounds scary, but it’s just a thickener and is totally safe (has a rating of 0 on EWG). The other ingredients are thickeners or emulsifiers.

Note to celiacs: This DOES contain wheat protein and therefore is not gluten free. If you are gluten intolerant (like myself), you can most likely wear this with no problem but celiacs may encounter irritation from this due to the gluten-protein allergy.

But back to the ingredients….So this is chock full of conditioning ingredients. Jane Iredale makes the claim that this:

  • Allows lashes to grow to their fullest potential
  • May even encourage extra growth

While I can’t say anything to encouraging new growth or growing to their fullest potential, I do think that using this often can strengthen eyelashes and make them healthier, you just have to look at the ingredients to see why! But hey, if I get more growth and longer lashes, I’m not going to complain ;o)

Overall, this is a huge winner. While I’m normally not one for adding steps in my morning routine, this is one I’m definitely keeping. It is healthy for my lashes, makes them thicker, darker and mascara last longer!

Next for review: Living Nature Conditioning Mascara

Disclosure: This was provided to me by Jane Iredale to try. Opinions and the choice to review are 100% my own! I’m not compensated for anything I write.

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  1. Hi! I know this is a really old post, but it’s the only in depth review I have found on this lash conditioner from Jane Iredale, so I really want to ask you – is it possible to wear only this conditioner or will the lashes stay white if I don’t use mascara on top? I’m super blonde, without mascara my lashes don’t show at all and they are very thin and short. I would like them to grow a little stronger which this conditioner state it would help me with. I’ve read some good stuff on Talikas lash products, but I want things as natural as possible so this conditioner from Jane Iredale seems much more attracting to me, but I don’t want to have to put on mascara too.

    • Sorry for the delay in responding! You could wear this by itself but would have to be careful and apply it very lightly – or it will look white. It’s not impossible to do though. You could try wearing this at night and let it dry before bed? That might help and then you don’t have to worry about it looking white at all. I always read not to wear makeup before bed, but not sure if this is considered makeup to be honest. If you want your lashes to grow longer, you may want to try Sante’s lash serum (my review: It really worked for me! My aunt also tried it and said it helped her lashes grow longer as well.

  2. Thanks so much for the write up. Ive been trying to find organic lash primers because my mascara always smudges, does this one in help in this regard?

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