Natural Eyes with Au Naturale eyeshadow and eye pencil

When I picked up the lip goodies from Au Naturale, and the face goodies, I also picked up some eye makeup. I bought an eyeshadow in Moonflower and eye pencil in Coco. The lovely ladies also sent me an eyeshadow in Painted Daisy, which I will be reviewing as well.

First, the eyeshadows. I love eyeshadows. Like nail polishes and red lipsticks, it’s so easy for me to accumulate them because there are SO many colors. Sure, I have my fair share of brown eyeshadows, but it’s also great to have a green, or blue, or purple for when I’m feeling spunky.

Au Naturale Painted Daisy and Moonflower


When I saw Moonflower on the website, I thought, wow – what a beautiful purple! Well, in person it does not look purple at all! To me, it’s a light bluish gray with a lavender tinge. To be honest, I was disappointed at first because I was expecting a smokey purple, but the truth is, this is a very pretty color and I’m glad to have it. I have blue eyes, and when I wear this it gives my eyes a pop. Also, this color looks AMAZING when applied wet. It almost turns into a metallic bluish silver that is vibrant and just gorgeous.

Top 2: Moonflower applied wet (top), Moonflower applied dry (below)


Bottom 2: Painted Daisy applied dry (top), Painted Daisy applied wet (bottom)

Painted Daisy is described as a deep brown with copper tones and that is very accurate. When I saw this in the container, I first though – well geez, I already have bronzey browns, but not like this! This is a true coppery bronze, and when applied wet, like the Moonflower, becomes super vibrant and beautiful. This is full shimmer too, which is really fun for a night out on the town.

I have previously reviewed 2 Silk Naturals eyeshadows that were brown. Compared to Painted Daisy though, you can see how truly coppery Painted Daisy is, like a penny.


From top to bottom: Painted Daisy applied dry, Painted Daisy applied wet, Silk Naturals Saddle Up and Silk Naturals Fete.

So I had considered Saddle Up to be more golden than Fete, and it is, but when it is next to Painted Daisy you can see how much more golden Painted Daisy is – especially when applied wet. Using these together makes for a really beautiful eye. Below, I used Painted Daisy wet for an eyeliner and then dry along with Saddle Up and Silk Naturals Homecoming Queen (not reviewed, but it’s a favorite highlight color, a light/bright yellow/gold). I love it!

Au Naturale review swatch

As for the texture, consistency and lastability (is that a word? Sure) of the eyeshadows, they are great. It’s comparable to other powder eyeshadows I use, including Silk Naturals and Alima. I always use an eyeshadow primer (Tarte’s Lifted) and these last all day with the primer. No creasing or anything. They are smooth to apply and blend well too. Overall, a good formula!

The ingredients are (from website): mica, iron oxides, ultramarines, kaolin, kaolinite, chromium oxide greens, silk mica, zinc oxide, and rice powder.

Now, I saved the best for last. The eye pencil. What? How could I possibly be so excited about an eye pencil? Well, I am. I am in love with this eye pencil. It is probably the best one I’ve ever used, natural/organic or not.

I usually wear eyeliner on my top lash line only, and many I have tried will rub off onto my lid – leaving me with a funky dark line across my eyeshadow. If I’m wearing darker eyeshadow it’s fine, but for days where it’s light it just irks me to no end to have that dark line there mid-day.

When I switched to natural makeup, it was tough finding an eyeliner that did not rub off. Some lasted only an hour, and then I found some that lasted most of the day. I started using Sephora’s nano eyeliners which are surprisingly good (certain colors, some colors are waxy and horrible) and the formula is also surprisingly “green”. That’s what I have been using until I tried these. I think this eyeliner is better than the nano AND has far better ingredients.

I prefer dark brown or dark gray eyeliners on my fair skin, it’s not quite as harsh as black, but still provides color and opens my eyes a bit. Au Naturale doesn’t have a dark gray eyeliner, so I picked up the brown in Coco. They don’t have a description of the color, but on me it’s a dark brown that is more of a chocolatey cool brown than a coffee warm brown. It is what is the dividing line between the eyeshadows above, and here is just the line:


I probably could have done a better job of applying a straight line, but you get the idea :o) In my defense, I’m used to applying it right above my lashes – not on my arm!

The consistency is pretty standard, kind of thicker but smooth to apply. Since it’s a bit thicker, a little goes a long way and I don’t have to sharpen this very much. I have been using this for about a month and a half, and I think I have sharpened it twice. I have used other eyeliners that were so soft and I had to use so much, I was sharpening it every few uses. Such a waste of eyeliner, it’s like I’m slowly twirling my money away. I’m very happy I don’t have to do that very often with this.

Also, once this sets, it’s there. In fact, when I went to wash off my arm with all of the eyeshadow swatches, some water and light rubbing took most of the eyeshadow but the eyeliner barely budged.


I would say I was impressed, but the truth is I’ve been wearing this eyeliner almost every day since I bought it, so I’m already impressed!

For the price, you actually get quite a bit, about 5 inches. I’m assuming (hoping!) the eyeliner goes all the way to the bottom. Since I’ve been using this for about a month and a half almost every day and have probably shaved off 1/2 inch at the most, this is going to last a LONG time.

Now for the best part, the ingredients! (from the website) organic castor oil, mica, wildcrafted euphorbia cerifera (candelilla) wax, organic simmondsia chinsis (jojoba) seed oil, castor wax, iron oxides, kaolinite, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) oleoresin.

So not only does this work amazingly well, it is organic! That’s just amazing to me. I am already planning on buying their other 4 colors, I’m just waiting for some of their new products to come out to scoop up everything in one go :o)

All in all, great eyeshadows and a holy grail of an eyeliner find – win!

Next post will be my interview with the owners!

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  1. Hi! So happy you love the eye products. The liners are one of my favs as well. And you are in luck becuase you can sharpen it all the way to a little nub :).

  2. I got my Creme Eye Shadow in Gold, Olive Lea, and Aubergine! I haven’t noticed creasing, but I’m really a novice at using makeup (gave up on it when I was a teenager, haven’t used it for about 20 years), so I may be missing the subtleties.

    I’ve used their brushes to apply it dry (not sure whether there’s a wet technique with creme eye shadows), and I’ve also used my finger to smear it on.

    The Gold looks fantastic put on thick by finger – it looks like real metallic gold. Not with big reflective bits of glitter, just shimmery like real metal might be. I’d love to try silver and copper creme shadows – I like shiny! Maybe they’ll start selling some later.

    If I use a brush to put on the Gold, it looks sparkly but subtler. Maybe the difference between a daytime look and a nighttime look? It does seem to brighten up my eyelids. I put some on in the morning, came home 7 hours later (which included a few miles of walking, some of it in wind and some in fog), and it definitely didn’t look the same – looked like there was less of it, or it was unevenly distributed (maybe that counts as creasing?)… not sure whether I should have expected more staying power.

    Au Naturale is having a special offer on powder eye shadows right now (free brushes with order), so I’m tempted to get the Painted Daisy that you mention above, to get that shiny and coppery effect. But I don’t know how to work with powder eye shadows (sifters? is that complicated?), and I also wonder why they’re more expensive than the creme shadows on a per gram basis… guess I need to do some googling.

    I love how the Olive Lea creme shadow looks when I apply it with an angle brush as an eyeliner to my top lid – it brings out the green in my hazel eyes. Seems to stay put, too – it was still there after the long walk. It’s a pretty dark color.

    I’ve been a little shyer about using the Aubergine. I got it because purple is also supposed to be good at bringing out the green in hazel eyes. It is very dark, works well with that angle brush as an eyeliner. I’m just not quite bold enough yet to get purpley with my eyes :-)

    Though I have tried Gold on my inner lid, Olive Lea on the outer lid, and Aubergine in the crease (or was it Olive Lea as a liner and Aubergine on the outer lid?), and I thought it was pretty. But I don’t know if wearing three distinct colors like that violates the current understanding of the rules of eye makeup, so I haven’t repeated the experiment.

    My husband doesn’t notice that I’m wearing eye makeup even when I point it out (and even when it’s the suspected-outlandish mix mentioned above)… I’m beginning to believe that this is something that women put on to please other women.

    • Thanks so much for sharing! The colors sound lovely. Working with powder eyeshadow is very easy, you get the hang of it pretty quickly. And as for your husband, I don’t think my boyfriend notices much about my makeup either but if you like it and feel good wearing it – that’s all that matters!

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