Review of February’s Conscious Box

Conscious Box Review February 2012
I first heard of “sample boxes” through an ad on Facebook. Have a box of beauty samples sent to me every month? Yes please! I bought two months from Birchbox, and while I signed up for the “natural” one, the items included weren’t quite as green as I had hoped. I will say I was impressed with the deluxe sample size of the beauty products it contained though.

I then heard of the Green Grab Bag. The first month was amazingly awesome (full size of Vapour Organics blush!). Over the next two months though, while I liked the items included, I wasn’t terribly impressed with the quantity/size of items for the money I was spending. So I stopped my subscription.

After signing up for Green Grab Bag, I signed up for Conscious Box. This one is my favorite. This is my third Conscious Box actually. I kept meaning to review the previous months but kept forgetting. Until now!

I will start out with saying I *love* getting the Conscious Box every month. It’s like Christmas in a box! So what exactly is it? Well, it’s a small box that you get every month filled with eco-friendly goodies. This really isn’t an eco-beauty box, its more of an eco-living box. Sometimes there are body or skin care items, but in the three months I’ve gotten it I haven’t received any makeup (that I recall), making it nice for both males and females.

I’m always amazed at ALL the stuff they pack in. With Birchbox and Green Grab Bag, I usually got like 6 items, some just being a sample packet size. But in Conscious Box, you get all sorts of goodies! I counted 19 goodies and coupons in this box. That’s about standard for the size I get every month.

So what is in this box?

  • 2 Olba’s Pastilles, herbal cough drops
  • 2 oz packet of Nutcase Crunch, a mixture of chopped almonds, pecans, coconut and pine nuts
  • 1″x1″x2″ bar of Soapbox soap
  • Bloomin paper heart with flower seeds inside
  • 1.5 fl oz Dr. Cleangreen’s Instant Hand Purifier
  • 1.8 oz HimalaSalt Pink Salt Shaker
  • Sample packet of Scientific Organics Kombucha Cleanser
  • Bar of Resveratrol Winetime Chocolate-Raspberry Bar
  • Bar of NatureCrops Quinoa & Prunes Nutrition Bar
  • 2 packs of C3 for Stress Effervescent Drink Mix in Lemon Lime
  • 1 tea bag from Treehouse Herbs in Vitality & Energy
  • 1 pack of Love Grown Simply Oats granola
  • 1 vial of Agape Oils Frankencense Moisturizing Serum
  • 1 packet of Natural Vitality Anti-Stress Magnesium Supplement Drink
  • 1 sample packet of Mayron’s Baby Goods Barrier & Diaper Cream
  • Mini Badger lip tint & Shimmer lip balm

In this box was a special “adults only” for valentine’s day which included:

  • 1 fl oz Blossom Organics Natural Moisturizing Lubricant
  • 1 large vial of Blossom Organics Pleasure Arousal Gel
  • 1 sample packet of Good Clean Love Almost Naked Personal Lubricant

The non-product materials/coupons included:

  • 20% Blossom Organics coupon and pamphlet
  • 15% Off Coupon for Resveratrol Winetime
  • Badger products brochure
  • 20% off coupon for Dr. Cleangreen’s
  • 2 postcards about the Mayron’s Barrier Cream (one with adult uses)
  • 15% off coupon for Nutcase Crunch with a recipe
  • Flyer about the NatureCrop Quinoa Bar
  • Postcard about Tofu Express Gourmet Food press with coupon code (does not say how much will save)

Soooooo, that’s it! Lots and lots of goodies. The food items included tend to be nut-based I’ve noticed (both this month and in past months). Sometimes they contain nuts I can eat, other times not. Last time it had a ThinkThin bar I couldn’t eat (bummer), but this time the Quinoa and Resveratrol bar I can. Are you reading this Conscious Box? I *love* that you have gluten free items, but try to find nut-free too!! :o)

Some reviews of my initial favorites…

NatureCrops Quinoa Bar

I’m going to be honest, when I first saw this I thought it would be gross. But it’s actually tasty. Is it the best bar I’ve ever eaten? No. But is it a bar I could start to include in my diet? Yes! I’m really impressed with the nutrition facts: 6 grams of Protein, 5 grams of Fiber with only 2 grams of Fat (all unsaturated). This also has 8% of daily iron needs (well, sorta, read this post and this post for more details) which is pretty impressive! Compared to other snack bars that are full of sugar and processed gunk, this is one I could really see buying to snack on when I don’t have time to prepare a snack. Or keep at work to eat to prevent me from going to the snack machine and buying who knows what.

Dr. Cleangreen’s Hand Sanitizer

I love hand sanitizers. Especially working in a hospital and then being in cubicle-land with recycled air, I get pretty crazy with hand washing. A lot of them leave me skin super dry though, and aren’t that “green” in formula. I really like this one though. The label says it kills 99.99% of specimens, yay! The consistency is like a thin lotion and leaves my hands soft (rather than super dry like alcohol-gel ones) and I love the smell! It has essential oils of Lemongrass, Orange, Cinnamon and Peppermint and I would say its a combination of all of those. Sort of a sweet, citrusy, cinnamon-y mint. The bottle is a little too large for me to keep in my purse, but this is going on my desk at work.

Soapbox Soap

I’ll start this out with saying I’m a sucker for soap. I really do love soap. I usually have 3-5 bars of different soaps underneath my sink waiting to be used, as well as 3 different kinds in my shower at any given time. So when I saw this sample, I rejoiced – more soap! What really got me was the description on the front though (exactly as what’s on there) “Over 26,000 children under the age of 5 die every single day from preventable causes. Sometimes the difference between life and death is the ability to clean away harmful bacteria. That’s why Soapbox Soaps will deliver a bar of soap to a person in need anywhere in the world every time someone buys a bar of soap from us.”

Wow. That’s pretty awesome. I think I just found my new favorite soap company! The actual soap is very nice. I can tell it’s handmade (handmade soap just SMELLS better, like soap…mmm…) and it doesn’t leave my hands dry after use. It didn’t say which kind it was, but looking at the website at the 3 different kinds, I believe I have Oatmeal Clove. It has oats in it which provide some exfoliation and the cloves give a really nice sweet, spicy smell. It’s a very nice soap. Once I use up a couple more bars of soap I currently have, I’ll definitely check into their other soaps!

Bloomin Flower Card


This just melted my heart when I saw it. A cute little pink paper heart that grows flowers! How can you not love it? I’m not sure if this card will grow flowers in my Arizona backyard, but I’m certainly going to try! The inside of the little card says they sell other paper products, very cool! And it included a coupon code to tempt me….

That’s it for now! As I continue to try things in the box, I will share ones that I really like.

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  1. Thank you so much for the GREAT review! We look forward to continuing to make a difference in the world through having more and more people enjoy our soaps. – The Team at SoapBox Soaps

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