Love my Pai Hand Cream and Body Cream!

Pai Review Comfrey and Calendula Lotion

I was first introduced to Pai when I won a gift set through NuboNau from a Facebook contest. I was super excited because I had read about the company, and loved the fact the entire line is made for sensitive and allergy-prone skin (HELLO, made for me??). It’s also organic, and made without parabens, alcohol, artificial fragrances, formaldehyde, SLS, phenoxyethanol, petrochemicals, and phthalates – impressive!

One of the items I won was the Comfrey & Calendula Calming Body Cream. I will just start out with saying this stuff is awesome.

The texture is a cream, but it has a lighter texture and sinks in quickly. It doesn’t leave skin greasy at all, which is a bonus for me in the morning when I’m quickly trying to get ready for work – the last thing I want is greasy arms or legs!

The lotion has a soft fragrance due to extracts and essential oils. I can slightly smell the orange, but it’s a little sweet, perhaps due to the calendula and jasmine. It’s pretty faint, I have to lift my arm right up to my nose to smell. I like the fact that the lotion’s fragrance is from all natural extracts and oils, NOT artificial fragrance.

Is this lotion a little pricey? Yes. But is it worth it? To me, yes. Having an organic lotion that is free of all those nasty chemicals can be hard to come by. Plus, the cream texture with a soft finish leaves my skin super soft without being greasy. Double bonus!

Ingredients (from Pai’s website): purified water, sunflower oil*, olive oil*, shea butter*, coconut-derived emulsifier, vegetable glycerine*, jojoba oil*, plum kernel oil*, comfrey extract*, calendula extract*, corn-derived emulsifier, echium seed extract, natural vitamin e, jasmine oil*, orange oil*, corn extract, basil extract, natural lactic acid (from sugar beet)

*Certified organic

Pai Review Fragonia and Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream

So after falling in love with the lotion, I started looking more into the Pai products. I then picked up the Fragonia & Sea Buckthorn Hand Therapy Cream (along with some others, which I will review another day) from Pai when they were having an online sale (yay sales!).

The hand cream is similar to the body cream in that it’s a cream, but has a light texture that sinks in quickly. There are a couple of differences though. One, is that this lotion is noticeably yellow-orange. I’m guessing this is due to the Sea Buckthorn. I’ve used that oil before, and it is very orange.

The smell is also a little stronger than the body cream. It’s sort of a floral citrus. I’m guessing I smell the fragonia and grapefruit oil. I’ve never smelled fragonia, but since it is a flower, and I’m smelling something floral, I put two and two together ;o)

Lastly, while this does sink in nicely without being greasy, it is a little more moisturizing than the body cream. If you look at the ingredients, it’s a little higher in the oils. Grapeseed oil and avocado oil are very moisturizing, as well as glycerin. Having them higher up in the ingredients list means a moisturizing hand cream, and that’s just what I have.

Similar to the body cream, this is a bit pricey, but gosh it sure is nice. The smell, texture and just the way it makes my hands soft is making me want to keep this as a hand-care staple!

Ingredients (from Pai’s website): purified water, grape seed oil*, vegetable glycerine*, avocado oil*, coconut derived emulsifier, rosehip oil*, macadamia oil*, shea butter*, plum kernel oil, sea buckthorn oil*, fragonia oil, palmarosa oil*, castor oil*, natural vitamin e, grapefruit oil*, basil extract, corn extract, coconut oil extract, sustainable palm oil extract, lactic acid (from sugar beet)

*Certified organic

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