Find Handmade Jewelry with Lovely Hunt

Ever since beginning my eco-fashion journey, I have found so many incredible companies! One such company is Lovely Hunt, an online boutique that only sells handmade jewelry from indie jewelry designers around the globe. Not only do I have beautiful pieces to show you, I have a special code just for Well Beauty Blog readers for 20% off!

Lovely Hunt describes themselves as bohemian inspired. It definitely has an earthy, natural feel to it, but I might even describe it as boho-chic. But describing it only does so much – better to show you!

The 3 pieces I have are the Angle Earrings, Double Chevron Bracelet, and Dipped Wood Necklace.


I love the bow-wrapped box they come in - it’s the little touches that make things extra special :o)

The angle earrings are made with hammered gold. Their length make them really fun and because they are thin, they are not overbearing. I could wear these out with girlfriends shopping or a night on the town, they are really versatile.

I have short hair so I like the fact they pop-out from my hair line, but those with longer hair would have these blend right in. Being so unique, I would purposefully wear my hair up just to show these off! (and yes, I have done that before for earrings! haha)




The Double Chevron Bracelet is awesome because it’s two bracelets in one! I’ve mentioned this before in fashion posts, but I really love items that are simple yet have something a little unique which makes them different than the norm. These bracelets remind me of that. They are somewhat simple hammered gold bracelet, but the little triangle indent make them unique.

Each one has a small loop with a hook to keep them closed. I’ll be honest though in that when I wore them out to lunch and shopping one day, the little hook came undone very easily. They aren’t large enough to slip off my hands (thank goodness), but I did have to re-clasp them quite a few times over the course of the day. I think when I wear them again (which I will because I love them), I might take some pliers and gently try to clasp them close for the day so I don’t have to worry about it.

Similar to the earrings, these are really versatile. Since they are a thinner and lighter, they add a little something-something without being too flashy.



The last piece is the Dipped Wood Necklace. It’s just how described, a triangle piece of wood that has the bottom ‘dipped’ in black. The sides are stained which give the edges a unique, handmade look. The back does not have the black bottom, so theoretically this can be worn double sided if you just wanted a plain triangle (it also shows the stained edges). I love how it is real wood, it gives the necklace a very earthy feel.

The chain for the necklace is pretty long. The chain came with a knot in it, it appears to look intentional. After putting it on, I liked the length so left the knot. I’m 5’5″ (I like to round up to 5’6″ sometimes heehee) and have a long torso and even with a knot in the back, this reached down to mid-chest (you can see in the picture below). There isn’t a clasp or anything, so you could just adjust the knot (or create one) to change the length.




I am so happy to have found Lovely Hunt. Their jewelry is so unique and cool, and of course is extra awesome that it is all handmade! Why buy jewelry made by some factory when you can support indie jewelry designers around the world?

AND, you can get 20% off your entire purchase with code: wellbeauty. The code is good until August 17. Yay for promo codes!

Have you heard of Lovely Hunt before? What do you think about the pieces I have? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Disclosure: Samples were provided to me to try. Opinions and the choice to review are 100% my own! I’m not compensated for anything I write.

July Sponsor Love

This month I have 3 sponsors! Aubrey Organics, Batty’s Bath and Foxy Mango.

Aubrey’s Organics provides all-natural, safe and effective personal care. They were one of the first natural skin care companies I tried waaaaaay back when, and can be found at Whole Foods and most common natural food stores.

GPB-ConditionerIt’s been awhile since I have used their products, but I remember really liking their GBP conditioner. I remember it smelled a little funky but worked really well as a protein treatment. Now that I’m writing this, I really want to try it again! haha I was also impressed that when everyone jumped on the paraben bandwagon and replaced it with phenoxyethanol, Aubrey’s did not and it appears they still do not use phenoxyethanol at all – very impressive!

You can find Aubrey’s on Facebook and Twitter.


I’m so excited Batty’s Bath is a sponsor again this month, I really love sharing this company!

It is no secret I love soap. If you didn’t know it – I’ll tell you, I really love soap. So of course when looking at any company, I somehow always end up on the soap page.


This Aloe Packed soap looks amazing. It’s made with aloe (duh) but also has calendula petals, which is also known for being very skin soothing. After a long day at the pool or beach, this soap sounds so nice! And to top it off – look at that adorable flower on top!

You can also find Batty’s Bath on Etsy and Facebook.


Foxy Mango is an online shop that sells all sorts of fun natural and organic beauty brands – including my favs Au Naturale, Blissoma, and Schmidt’s.

While perusing the site and all the goodies, I saw they sell tote bags. I had to take a look – who doesn’t love a good tote? Well, I had to take a second look at this. And then could not stop laughing…

Emily-McDowell-Groceries-tote_grande Foxy Mango isn’t just a clever name – she sure is foxy! I love people with great sense of humor. So many (almost all really) online beauty stores sell just beauty, I love that she is selling fun products too! After all, if you are going to go to a farmer’s market, you need a bag to carry all that shit ;o)

Foxy Mango can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.


Have you tried any of these companies before? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!



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