August Sponsor Love!

This month I have 3 sponsors: Aubrey Organics, Batty’s Bath and Foxy Mango. Which happen to be the same from July…. Yay for companies that I love that love me right back ;o)

While it’s the end of August, it is still super hot here. I shouldn’t complain because it was only 100 today, but it’s supposed to be 109 by Saturday so I give myself the right to complain a bit. Well – an absolute must for any hot day is sunscreen.

Aubrey-Kids-Natural-Sun-SPF-30-Unscented-SprayI was just checking out this spray sunscreen from Aubrey Organics that is SPF 30 and only made with natural ingredients and zinc oxide! Even when looking at Whole Foods, I had a really hard time finding a spray sunscreen that is made of physical sunscreens – so am super happy to see this. It says it’s for kids – which I actually like because that means it should be good for my sensitive skin. I really want to check this out.

You can also find Aubrey’s on Facebook and Twitter.


I’ve mentioned a few different Batty’s Bath products, but just noticed they had a page all about the different skin transformations from their customers and all I can say is wow! I have never had extreme acne, but I do have friends who have lived with acne for years and see their frustration with it.

And not only that, but customers who share their transformation pictures can win all of the products in their routine! Now that is cool.

You can also find Batty’s Bath on Etsy and Facebook.


Last month, I mentioned a super cool tote bag I saw on Foxy Mango that caused quite the stir. If you missed it, here it is:


While I don’t have anything to share quite as funky (and foxy!) to share, I did notice on their main page they are having a big sale! Until September 1, you can get 15% off scented products to remember summer. Oh how I love me some sales.


Foxy Mango can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.


Have you tried any of these companies before? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!


Fun Times with Jane Iredale & Citrine Natural Beauty Bar

Do you know what’s better than getting your makeup done by a professional makeup artist? Getting your makeup done by a professional artist for free!

Yesterday, Citrine Natural Beauty Bar was offering free makeovers with a Jane Iredale makeup artist. Needless to say, I had to go.

I feel really lucky that Citrine is local. I’m used to having to shop online for my favorite brands, so having them in store is pretty awesome!  For those of you who aren’t local to Phoenix, they do have an online store too. Melissa (the owner) is not only super sweet but the brands she carries are some of the best out there:









And that’s not even all of the brands there! The store is a little dangerous for my wallet, I’m not going to lie. So spend a few hours there with Jane Iredale getting my makeup done? It’s a no-brainer.

Natalie from Jane Iredale did my makeup, which is pretty cool because she used to be a makeup artist for America’s Top Model! I told her to have fun with the makeup and left the look completely up to her, which made it a fun surprise for me.


On my face, she used Absence powder in my t-zone to help prevent oiliness. She then used Dream Tint and Warm Silk on my face with a slight spritz of Pommist over (oh how I love the smell of Pommist). My natural skin tone is in between Bisque and Warm Silk so she used Warm Silk to add some color to my face.


On my cheeks/face, she used Copper Wind and So Bronze. One little tidbit I learned is that Jane Iredale specifically created Copper Wind as a blush for fair skinned beauties who suffer from redness or rosacea. I had never used the color before, but now it is definitely on my wish list! I use Moonglow as my bronzer, so it was cool to see the So Bronze, I like that the brown part is matte but the light park is sparkly so you mix as much or as little as you want.


My hair kept getting in the way, so she had to clip it. I know what you’re thinking – “Wow! Cori can really rock those hair clips.”

It’s true.


On my eyes, she used Champagne Eye Gloss as a primer. She then used Dreamy Pink and Dark Suede eye shadows with the Brown jelly jar eyeliner. I have never used Dark Suede before, but it is such a beautiful brown. Another item on my wish list!

And I also learned an amazing trick on how to create a smokey eye with gel eyeliner. Rather than taking an angled liner and creating a line along your lashes, take the brush and do quick strokes up. This will take the eyeliner and smudge it up. You can then use eye shadow to blend. If this sounds confusing, check out my Instagram page because I posted a short video (like 15 seconds) that shows this technique! Everyone in the store was amazed and we all crowded around her so she could show us how she did it.

And I forgot to take a picture, but she used Spice lip pencil to fill in my lips with Sangria lipgloss over. She gave me a great tip regarding lip pencils. If you want a lip color that will last hours and hours, use a lip pencil to fill in your lips and then top it with gloss for moisture. It was great advice and sure enough, the color lasted hours! The lip pencil is another item to add to my wish list…

So how did it turn out? Beautiful! She did an amazing job.




And here is me with Natalie and Melissa! A lovely bunch of eco-beauties, if I do say so myself ;o)


 Thank you Jane Iredale and Citrine Natural Beauty!


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