My Red Apple Lipstick Collection & A Giveaway!

I have a LOT of lipsticks. What can I say – I like my lipsticks ; ) Red Apple Lipstick is one of my favorite lipstick brands. Their colors are gorgeous, the formula is smooth and pigmented, and best of all they have great wearing power. And for you gluten-free ladies, their products are gluten free! I’ve reviewed their lipsticks a few times here and there but I realized I should do a complete review of all of my lipsticks! AND, I’m very excited to be hosting a giveaway! You can win a $50 gift card to RAL to buy lipsticks, their eyeshadows or even their newly re-launching Lash Project mascara. To learn more and to enter, visit my Facebook page. Hurry though – the giveaway ends Sunday, August 28th at midnight!

Back to the lipsticks. Oh beautiful lipsticks.


From left to right: Twist ‘N Pout, Firecracker, Mabel, Petal to the Metal, Starlette, Unpinkable, Heart ‘N Soul, Risque!, and Second Date

And the swatches in the same order…


But sometimes I feel like to really see a color, you need to see them on lips!

Twist ‘N Pout is a warm-toned middle pink with a hint of coral, that’s your lips but
better.  I would not call Twist ‘N Pout a MLBB – my lips but better- color on my lips. I think it is a bit lighter than my lips but it is a perfect nude. Some nudes can be too brown and wash me out but this doesn’t at all. It’s a great lipstick when I’m doing dark, smokey eyes and want to tone down my lips.

Firecracker is a warm toned medium, spicy, orange red that resembles paprika.
When I saw Firecracker for the first time, I thought this would be way too orange for me but it’s surprisingly not. It’s a toned-down orange and would make a great color for the fall. It is very warm-toned, which works well with my skin tone, but you cool skintoned ladies may find this too warm for you.

Mabel is a gorgeous, long lasting medium, mauve, rose pink.
Most of Red Apple Lipstick lipsticks are very pigmented. What I appreciate about Mabel though is that it’s sheer. This color is a perfect MLBB on me. It provides a hint of color in a super creamy and moisturizing formula. I love this color.

Petal To The Metal is a creamy, pigmented rosy/mauve medium pink that has a slight shimmer to it. Petal to the Metal is a beautiful shimmery mauve. It is more mauve in real life than what is in the pictures. It is both understated while still being very pretty.

Starlette is a stunning pinky red.
This official description is very accurate. It’s a beautiful pinky red that would enhance any lip. It is not too cool-toned or too warm-toned. Starlette and Unpinkable (below) are very similar to each other. Starlette is slightly warmer, perhaps a teensy bit more red while Unpinkable is pinker and brighter.

Unpinkable is a fuchsia-y pink that has an ever so slight, teeny bit of red in it. This is very accurate, it’s a bright pink that is super fun to wear. It is cool-toned, which I can get away with sometimes, but those with warmer skin tones may find this is too cool for them.

Heart ‘N Soul is a bright, bold and highly pigmented red lipstick with no shimmer. Compared to Risque! (below), I’m not sure if I would call this bright and bold, but it sure is a gorgeous red. It’s slightly warm toned and would look good on just about anyone.

Risque! This warm-toned red is bright and beautiful.
Risque! is perfectly named. This bright and beautiful red is risque. It puts Heart ‘N Soul to shame as far as bright reds go. It’s a gorgeous warm red. I prefer warm reds with my skintone, and Risque leads the pack for warm reds.

Second Date is a rich, luxurious, pink ruby color.
Hello lover. That is all I can say about this color. It is, by far, my favorite Red Apple Lipstick color. My pictures don’t do this color justice. It’s bold without being daring, shimmery without being gaudy. I hope RAL never discontinues this color because it’s gorgeous. When I first tried it on, I thought this would be an excellent holiday party lip color. The more it was on though the more I realized this lipstick should not be kept away for just the winter – this deserves to be worn year-round. Beautiful beautiful color.

That is it for my Red Apple Lipstick collection! My top 4 would be Second Date, Risque, Mabel and Twist ‘N Pout but truthfully, they are all beautiful in their own way. I love switching up what colors I wear for different occasions and outfits.

Do you own any Red Apple Lipstick products? What are your favorites?

And don’t forget to enter my giveaway on Facebook by Sunday, August 28th to win a $50 gift card!


Disclosure: Samples were provided to me to try. Opinions and the choice to review are 100% my own! I’m not compensated for anything I write. This post contains affiliate links.

New Bronzers & Fun Things with Jane Iredale

One of my favorite things about makeup is trying new products. It’s like Christmas year-round! So of course I love when Jane Iredale releases new seasonal makeup. They do such a great job at releasing products that are perfect for that season. Moonglow has been a favorite bronzer of mine for a few years now, so I was nervous when I heard that they updated it. Thankfully, Jane Iredale kept the colors the same and just made the bronzer more eco-friendly by making them refillable so they fit easily into the refillable compact. They also changed the 4 colors to stripes rather than quadrants.

Goodbye old Moonglow…

Jane Iredale Moonglow Bronzer Review

And hello new refillable bronzers!


I was also able to try their other two bronzers in Sunbeam and Rose Dawn AND their new Lip Drink in Flirt. I’ve been using these products for a few months now and even made a video a few months ago, but unfortunately this summer was busier than I expected so I wasn’t able to write a post until now. Long story short, I really love these new products.

First, the swatches. The swatches below are of the bronzer overall rather than one specific color from the palette.


Like I mentioned above, Moonglow has been a favorite for years. It’s the perfect bronzer for my fair skin. For you porcelain beauties out there, I highly recommend trying Moonglow for a hint of peachy bronzeness. Too often bronzers make my skin look dirty or orange, but not Moonglow! What is also great is that it doubles as an eyeshadow palette and you can use the colors as eyeshadows (this applies to all of the bronzers). It was a bit easier to use as an eyeshadow palette when the colors were in quadrants but I think it’s been easier to use as a bronzer when the colors are in stripes.

Rose Dawn is more of a blush than a bronzer. It’s a beautiful pink that’s not too bright or too baby-doll. It lights up my cheeks and gives me a rosy glow. I really love the medium brown in this palette for an eyeshadow – I think it is my favorite brown of all 3 bronzers. It’s a peachy pinky brown that is very flattering for my skintone. While Moonglow’s colors tend to be more yellow/warm, Rose Dawn are more pinky/cool.

Lastly, Sunbeam is a darker bronzer that would be perfect for medium skintones. As a bronzer, it is too dark for me but once again – the colors work great as eyeshadows. The color tones are similar to Rose Dawn, just darker.

Flirt is Jane Iredale’s latest Lip Drink color. I love the Lip Drinks because living in Arizona, I need SPF on my lips any time I am outside and only use lip balms with SPF. Also, they are moisturizing and the colors are sheer so provide a pop of color while still looking really natural. Flirt is a peachy pink color that is very similar to my natural lip color. It reminds me of a cross between Buff, their nude, and Crush, a pinkish berry color. I’m glad they came out with Flirt because Crush is pretty cool-toned and I wanted a Lip Drink that was a little warmer and closer to my natural lip color. And voila! Flirt was released.

So you can best see the colors, I made a video tutorial of how to use the bronzers as both a bronzer as well as for eyeshadow – and of course I can’t keep it to just one look. I do a daytime look and then show how to build on it for a nighttime look.

Have you tried the new bronzers or Flirt yet? What has been your go-to makeup this summer?

Disclosure: These products were provided to me to try. Opinions and the choice to review are 100% my own! I was not financially compensated for writing this blog post.

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