October Sponsor Love!

This month I have 5 sponsors to share with you! So much sponsor love going on right now :o)

Aeveka is a natural skincare line started from Ilona Landver, a yoga teacher, holistic health coach, massage therapist AND esthetician (wow!). The line is straightforward, which I appreciate since it can be a little overwhelming when a company offers too many products.


One product that stood out to me is their Replenishing Eye Cream. I’m always on the hunt for a great eye cream that is both very moisturizing AND great at helping with darkness. This eye cream has all sorts of great ingredients like Co-Q10, evening primrose, green tea, eyebright and calendula. That’s like the kitchen sink of good-for-skin ingredients! I’m impressed.

You can also find Aeveka on Twitter and Facebook.


Batty’s Bath has been a sponsor for a few month’s now, which is super awesome that they are so supportive AND they always have fun stuff to share so I like to talk about them :o)


One product that just caught my eye is the Skin Support Tea. As per the website, “Topical applications are great, but most times your body also needs a boost from the inside out to clear up skin problems!” I couldn’t agree more! I’m not a herbalist, so can’t speak to the claims of all of the herbs in that tea, but the reviews are great and a nice cup of hot tea is exactly what I look forward to in the fall.

You can also find Batty’s Bath on Etsy and Facebook.


The Choosy Chick is a new online store devoted to eco-beauty. And I have to say, for being a new store they have an AMAZING range of brands, I’m really impressed. Some of them include 100% Pure, Acure, Au Naturale, Dr. Alkaitis, Josh Rosebrook, MGA, Schmidt’s, Tsi-La and Waxelene – and these are just some of them!


One item they sell that I love is the Choosy Chick Sampler Bag. For $29, you get a handmade bag filled with beauty samples. What a cool idea! I’ve only heard of monthly sampler bags/boxes, so this is a neat idea for anyone who is new to eco-beauty and wants to try a variety of products.

You can also find The Choosy Chick on Facebook and Twitter.


Foxy Mango is another awesome online store devoted to eco-beauty. I just love that there are so many options out there for people to buy eco-beauty!

I have to admit that after trying so many companies and so many products, when I peruse a website I tend to look just at the companies I already know about. So I decided this time I’m going to look at a company that I know nothing about!


I’ve never heard of Brown Butter Beauty but am pretty impressed with how clean their products are. Their Mixed Greens Hair Pomade is not only nourishing, but can help with new hair growth! Hello pomade, are you my long lost hair soulmate? I need nourishment. I need new hair growth. I need this pomade.

Foxy Mango can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.


And last but certainly not least is Peace, Love and Wellness. Peace, Love and Wellness is a blog by a stay-at-home mother, Andrea, with a son who is autistic.


Andrea writes about her family’s path to wellness, which includes foods, recipes, autism therapy and recovery and even natural beauty! In reading through it, it’s a really nice blog that I recommend to anyone with a family seeking a more natural, wellness-based life.

You can also find Andrea on Facebook and Twitter.


That is it for my October sponsors, thanks so much to the sponsors for their support of my blog and I hope you will take a moment to check them out!

So So So Much Love for Petit Vour

I’ve mentioned Petit Vour a few times in the past, but if you are not aware – they are a monthly beauty box that is filled with eco and vegan beauty items for $15/month. I am embarrassed to admit that I am SUPER behind on Petit Vour reviews – I have 3 boxes to share with you!

First, the August box.


The August box had the theme of Beauty 101 – becoming your own beauty expert. It had a really nice range of products:

Harvey Prince perfume in Journey: this is a very clean, floral fragrance with a hint of sandalwood. It’s a bit too strong in freesia for my personal preference, but I like how clean and crisp it is. This actually would make a great fall perfume.

Earthbody Brighten cleanser and mask: a cleanser and mask in one! That is my kind of product :o) This comes as a powder and gives you instructions for mixing as a cleanser and how to mix as a mask right on the jar. The sample jar is actually pretty decent size, I bet I could get 10 or more uses out of this.

Mi-Me Tangerine Lip Butter: this is a very oily lip butter stick that really does smell and even taste like tangerines! Because it is more oily than waxy, it has a nice gloss to it that would be great for layering over lipstick.

Rosemira Sweet Coconut Body Butter: for saying sweet coconut in the title, this actually has a slight orange smell to it and doesn’t smell all that coconut-y. It’s a really nice body butter that is thicker and almost leaves a waxy feel on my hands, compared to a drier feeling that coconut oil can leave. I really like it and this would make an awesome body butter for dry skin.

Beauty Without Cruelty Eyeliner: I have heard of BWC for years, but have never tried them! I was happy to see their eyeliner in the box to try and was impressed with the soft brown color. Many brown eyeliners can be very warm and this one really is a soft, ashy dark brown.

So a full size eyeliner AND a full size lip butter and a deluxe sample of the mask/cleanser in the August box. That more than makes up for the $15 price tag. A successful box!

Now for September!


So I was impressed with the value of what I received in August but holy wow – September’s is awesome!

Ellovi Tinted Lip Butter: I actually reviewed Ellovi’s body butter awhile ago and LOVED it. I wanted to eat it. This tinted lip butter carries on the same awesome tradition. The scent even reminds me of their body butter, kind of sweet and buttery. The tint is truly just a tint, I wouldn’t call this a lipstick at all. But, it does give your lips just a tint of pinky red and is still a moisturizing and creamy as ever. I love this!

Lily Lolo Eyeshadow: I received the Vanilla Shimmer which is a beautiful peachy-pink base color. I made a swatch of it, but since it is the same color as my skin, you can’t really see it. Here it is in the container:


Root Science Youth Serum: I started using this recently and LOVE it. The bottle is decent size too, I would call it a deluxe sample size. The full size is 1 oz and this bottle is 0.20 oz. It has a orangeish tone which made me instantly think of Sea Buckthorn and sure enough – it has Sea Buckthorn in it! It has an herbal smell and is very rich on my skin. This is perfect for the dry, cool weather that fall brings. I’m very glad this was included!

Yarok Leave-In Conditioner: I’ve heard great things about Yarok. I didn’t have much luck with their hairspray but haven’t tried anything else, until now! I’m super excited that their leave-in conditioner spray was included. Travel size hair products can be super expensive to buy, so now I have one for future travels – yay!

So that is it for this box, but wow – I’m so amazed at the value! I actually added it all up and it’s around $45 worth of awesome products for only $15 – w00t w00t!

And last but certainly not least is their Limited Edition Fall/Winter 14 box! This is a very unique concept, it’s a box that is not purchased solely by subscription, you can buy it for $40. Here is what is included:


Kypris Beauty Elixir: When I first saw the price of the full size product, my jaw dropped (I will save you the research, it is $225!). The mini-dropper sample includes 0.1 fl oz, which is still worth around $13. I haven’t tried this yet (I’ve been finishing up the Root Science Youth Serum) but I can’t wait to try this. I haven’t used a product worth over $200 before, I’m excited! I feel so fancy ;o) And a fun note about Kypris- they are local to Arizona!

Kypris Antioxidant Dew: This mini dropper is the same size as the Beauty Elixir, so it’s a sample but a good-sized sample. This is a water-based serum, and sinks into my skin quickly. It seems like a great serum to layer under moisturizer or an oil-based serum – another product I’m excited to try!

Tres Pure Face Cleanse: this is a powder that you mix with water. I’ve actually been using Buff Her lately (which I really need to review) which is the same type of concept. And the scent, this smells SO good. The more I smell sandalwood, the more I like it.

Marie Natie Special Edition Lip Gloss: I already love Marie Natie lip glosses and this special edition is amaze-balls. The tube is a bit different than their standard lip gloss, it’s a circular tube. The texture feels the same, very moisturizing on my lips. The scent and taste is just like marshmellows, yum yum yum. The color is pink and is pretty opaque actually, which to me seems to be the biggest difference from their normally sheer lip glosses. I don’t actually have an opaque light pink lip gloss, so this is a nice addition to my beauty collection.

My Daughter Joyful fragrance: this fragrance is really lovely. It is a fresh, floral scent but has a hint of creamy sweetness. I love the long, thing design of the tube too – I could toss it in my purse and take it with me!

Antonym Eyeliner: I actually already own this eyeliner, so am super excited to have a back-up! This eyeliner is awesome. The black is very black, which is great for smoky eyes. It has a built-in sharpener at the end, which is very convenient.

Rare Elements Hair Care: I’m not usually one for receiving packets, I feel like the value just isn’t there. But I will say, these packets are pretty good sized. I imagine I could get 2-3 uses from each packet, and there are 4! I feel like I may have tried Rare Elements a looooong time ago, but I don’t remember how I liked it so I’m excited to try it again!

The full size eyeliner and lip gloss is $36 just between those two, so $4 more for a travel size perfume (worth $25), awesome (and expensive) beauty oil samples and lots of shampoo and conditioner to try, this is totally worth the $40 price tag of the box. And while I may be late in reviewing the box, it IS still for sale!

So, leave it to Petit Vour to have 3 totally awesome boxes. I just can’t say enough how impressed I am with them for the quality of products they include in their boxes and the value you get for the money spent. Yay for monthly eco-beauty!

Disclosure: Samples were provided to me to try. Opinions and the choice to review are 100% my own! I’m not compensated for anything I write.

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