2014 Holiday Natural & Organic Gift Guide


The holidays are here! Thanksgiving is in just a few days, are you ready for holiday shopping? If not, no need to fear – Cori is here :o) I have some awesome gift ideas, with items I use myself and LOVE. I also have a few wishlist items that I haven’t tried but look really cool.

And, be sure to check back on Black Friday because I will have all sorts of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals! The sales and deals list is even bigger then last year, I can’t wait to share them with you all!

The Ultimate, Totally Awesome 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Ok, I may have overstated how awesome my gift guide is. Actually, I take that back. It’s totally awesome.

Without further ado….

JORD Watch


I have the Ely watch and absolutely love it. I was a bit hesitant with it being wooden, but the wood is beautiful and the watch looks really stunning. I’ve been wearing it for awhile and I have gotten quite a few compliments! Everyone loves that it is wooden. JORD make watches of all shapes, sizes and colors – so this would be a great gift for a man in your life too (this one looks super cool for men).


I have small wrists and I especially love that it’s not too big (I did have to have a few links taken out). Chunky ‘boyfriend” watches are hip right now, but they often look way too big and silly on me. This one is the perfect size for being both a little ‘boyfriend’-ish without being ridiculously sized. I love it!


Lily Lolo – Laid Bare Eye Palette

eye_palette_and_box_-_laid_bareI love eye palettes. For one, I love pressed eye shadows because they are faster and less messy than loose shadow. And, palettes have all the colors you need in one space! This Laid Bare palette is gorgeous, it definitely gives Urban Decay NAKED palettes a run for their money. It is also pretty reasonable, only $34 for the entire thing!


Here are swatches of all of the colors. It has light, medium and dark colors. The three on the right are more of a pearl finish, and the rest have a shimmer to them (NOT glittery though, thank goodness). The first two are pretty similar, and the rest are a mix of both cool and warm brown with even a gold color in there too. This palette is so versatile, I can’t imagine anyone it wouldn’t work for.

The palette is about 4 3/4 inches long. Each shadow is about one inch long and 1/2 inch wide, so pretty good sized. I like that you get a good amount for each color but it is small enough to slip into a purse to makeup on the go!


True Nature Botanicals – Noble Floral Solid Perfume


I just reviewed the Noble Floral perfume so won’t repeat everything. In short, this scent is lovely and comes in a beautiful (and refillable) solid metal case. The floral scent is not too strong or too sweet, I can’t imagine anyone not liking this scent. Really. This would be perfect for any woman in your life.


Juice Beauty – Spa Infusion Gift Set

spa-infusion-essentials-gift-setI splurged earlier this year and bought the gift set for myself. I love it! The tea is so yummy (and you even get honey straws!) , and I love the scent of the lotion and wash. While it says Ylang Ylang, it is really more of a ylang ylang and rose mix, and the rose is a bit stronger than the ylang ylang. The lotion is surprisingly moisturizing, which is perfect for this time of year.

The set is really nice for a spa day at home to relax with a cup of tea after a long bath. And the best part? The entire set is only $39!


Antonym Cosmetics – Brush Set

antonym-travel-set2I’ve mentioned Antonym brushes a few times here and there in different posts. I need to do a full review, until then – just know this, these brushes are amazing. I am SO incredibly impressed with the quality of these brushes. The handles are really long too which makes it easy to hold the brushes and apply makeup.

I have the Travel Set and love it. It has both eye and face brushes and even a zippered side for makeup! These are truly luxurious brushes, a perfect gift for any makeup lover.


Petit Vour – Monthly Beauty Box


This is the gift that keeps on giving! Each box is jam-packed full of natural beauty goodies. I’m always impressed with the quality of the products and the value you get for the cost of each box.

For an idea of what is included: the October box had a full size Pacifica lip stick, a deluxe size SW Basics toner and Flo Theo body butter, and a Foranger fragrance sample (shown above). The November box had a deluxe size body oil (from my favorite Earthbody which I have reviewed before), Au Naturale concealer and full size eye shadow (also reviewed before!), a full size French Girl lip tint AND a sample of Caru facial oil! How do they provide so many great products for only $15 a month? Honestly, I don’t know how they do it! Anyhoo – this would make a great gift for anyone interested in eco-beauty.


True Nature Botanicals – Lip Treatment


You might be thinking, “Really? A lip balm as a present?” YES. (and yes, I realize this makes two True Nature Botanicals’ items on my gift list. I love them that much). The best gifts are ones that someone wants but would never buy themselves. Well, the price of this is a little high, so I imagine that for some, it would be hard to justify buying it for themselves. But, if this were given as a gift, the recipient would be SO happy. This stuff is like a miracle for lips. Here’s my previous review if you want to learn more.


Pacifica – Nail Polish Trio


Sometimes you want to give a small gift to someone, but don’t know what to give. Well, this nail polish trio makes a great small gift! I have the Neutral Blues set and love the colors. They apply smoothly and dry surprisingly fast – AND, are 7-free! 3-free was in, then it went to 5-free and now 7-free!

pacifica-nail polish

Drift is a pretty taupe-mushroom color with a hint of purple. 1972 Pool Party is a denim medium blue that’s not too bright. Dark Desert Highway is a tannish/light brown that makes me feel classy, like I’m going to a fancy party. The set also comes in Holiday Reds.

Oh She Glows Cookbook


I’ve been reading the vegan blog, Oh She Glows, for quite some time. As soon as she announced she was coming out with a cookbook earlier this year, I immediately bought it! Well, it’s become a favorite. I’m super impressed with not only how easy the recipes are, but her whole-foods approach to cooking. You don’t have to be vegan to appreciate this cookbook. It would make a great gift for any foodie.

My Wishlist of Looks-like-its-Awesome Products

I haven’t tried these products, but they look so awesome, I want them! Here’s what I’ve found:

Nordstrom – Mobile Foodie Survival Kit


You may not think of Nordstrom as a place to shop for natural beauty/living, but I’ve always been impressed with the range of products they provide (just type ‘organic’ in the search bar – you’ll see). While perusing their site, I came across this organic spices and herbs kit. It’s so cute! This would be a great gift for anyone who loves to cook – AND, it’s organic!

The Blissful Dog – ‘Relax’ Aromatherapy


I was still perusing my beloved Nordstrom when I saw this and I realized I had to have it. It’s aromatherapy for dogs! And it’s organic! I didn’t even know this existed. I think I may get this for my dogs as a Christmas gift :o) I can’t imagine my dogs needing any more relaxation, they are pretty ridiculously lazy. But you never know.

Alternative Apparel – Eco-Jersey Long Pants


I love lounge pants in the winter. It’s too hot to wear them here in the summer, so any time it starts getting even remotely cold – out come the lounge pants! And best of all, these are made with eco-jersey!

Threads for Thought – Backstage Tee


I really like this design and it looks so comfy! I love slouchy tops. AND, it’s made with recycled polyester!

Blissoma – Calm Aromatherapy Candle


I can tell you, after a semester of being in a doctoral program – I need some calming aromatherapy. I have other candles from Blissoma and love them. This Calm one sounds wonderful. What I really love is that they are made with soy wax and natural fragrance!

That is it for all of my fabulous and super awesome holiday gift ideas! Are you ready for some holiday shopping??

Disclosure: Some of these were samples provided to me to try. Opinions and the choice to review are 100% my own! I’m not compensated for anything I write. This post contains affiliate links.

My Latest Favorites in the World of Fragrance

I love perfume, it was one of my first beauty obsessions ever. First, hair products. Then, fragrance. Lastly, everything else ;o) I’ve reviewed some natural fragrances here and there, but honestly – I haven’t reviewed nearly as often as I should! So without further ado, here are my latest favs.



Official description: Dry woods mix with crisp citrus notes and sweet bergamot to produce this effervescent yet balanced fragrance.

If you had asked me – hey Cori, do you want to smell like dry woods? I would look at you as if you sprouted a third eyeball. But you know what, after smelling BS003, I DO want to smell like dry woods! BS003 is a woods-type scent, but the citrus notes (think bright citrus like fresh lemon peel, not a sweet orange or floral neroli) makes it stand out from your traditional woods fragrance. The woods and citrus balances so well with the bergamot. This almost reminds me of the scent you would get from drinking a cup of hot tea with lemon in the woods in the fall. It’s a truly lovely, calm-yet-bright scent that is perfect for the fall and winter season.

Lurk can also be found at The Detox Market.



Esscentual Alchemy – Little Black Dress

Official description: A woody, floral fragrance reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. A perfume to empower you!

What is it with me and woodsy florals? I really can’t get enough. Little Black Dress is mix of sandalwood, jasmine, ylang ylang, and rose. At first application, it has a very woodsy scent but quickly calms to a woodsy rose. As time passes, the woods continues to fade and you are left with a soft jasmine-rose with a hint of ylang-ylang. The woods is still there in the background though to keep this from being too overtly floral. This is also similar to BS003 in that it is woodsy, but when you smell them side by side, they are quite different. This is more smokey and does not have that fresh crispness that defines BS003. If BS003 is a having a cup of tea on crisp fall afternoon, then Little Black Dress is a being snuggled up by a fire later that night. It’s a little more seductive, like that little black dress in your closet ;o)



True Nature Botanicals – Noble Floral

Official description: Luxuriate in a California garden in bloom, nectar-rich, dappled with peppery-leaved citrus trees of orange and lemon.

I tend to lean towards woodsy florals, or smokey florals, or something dark or rich to balance out the brightness and sometimes almost astringent quality of the typical floral fragrance. But Noble Floral changed all that. This is a straight floral and it is absolutely beautiful.

When I was at A Night for Green Beauty, I was lucky enough to get to chat with Hillary, the founder of True Nature Botanicals. They had recently launched their solid perfumes and she wanted to show me what they meant by ‘noble’ essential oils (because of course, me being me, I had a ton of questions). First, I smelled the typical lavender essential oil. It smelled nice, like lavender. Perhaps a bit alcohol-y but that usually dissipates with oil extracts quickly. Then, I smelled their noble lavender essential oil. I can honestly say I have never smelled anything like it. Both my friend and I were completely amazed. It was lavender, but like this wonderful lavender from another planet. It was clean but not astringent, almost minty yet also sweet. It was, in short, beautiful. And that’s all the explaining they had to do with regards to explaining the quality of their noble essential oils. I was hooked.

And that is what sets this floral perfume apart from so many other floral perfumes I have smelled before. It’s the quality of the oils. This floral is bright, sweet and rich all at the same time. I love it.


And that is it with my latest favorites! Have you tried any of these before? What are your current favorites?

Disclosure: Samples were provided to me to try. Opinions and the choice to review are 100% my own! I’m not compensated for anything I write. This post contains affiliate links.


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